There’s actually not all that much to say about this month, in terms of art progress really. I started getting unhappy with how my inking was going, and decided to compare myself with other artists. Their works seemed so much more free-flowing, I suppose. There wasn’t really a sense of “LINE-ART” as much as it was “a drawing with lines,” if that makes sense. So, I started to experiment again with brushes. One thing I noticed was that my brushes weren’t nearly as “pressure sensitive” as other line-art pieces I’ve seen. I had to go through quite a few custom brushes through Procreate because finally trying to fiddle with the Apple Pencil’s pressure sensitivity as a whole. That seemed to do the trick! I lowered the sensitivity by about 75% on the pencil, and then increased the the size variance on the brush. I know, that doesn’t sound like a lot of sense, but it worked. So now, I have a working sketch brush that can also double as a line-art brush! WOO!

After getting another “Brush of the month,” I of course had to experiment with it a lot. I’d say I’ve gotten used to it, and now the time has come to work on fundamental stuff again. I’m currently working on basic concepts like head shape / structure, body proportions, body shapes, body parts, expressions, and so on, to practice with some more. Anthro head shapes are very tricky, and it’s actually been a little frustrating to work with at times. Longer muzzles in particular are a struggle for me, especially when expressions are thrown into the mix, hence the numerous “Teth’ra Expressions” posts.

So, for July, I plan to do more “bootcamp-esque-sketching” done for a while, at least, until I feel it’s time to get more “hard” content done again. I’ll list the specific subjects I’ll be working on / sketching as an easy-to-read thing below. Unfortunately, coloring, once again, will not be a priority on this list.

  • Body parts
    • Torso / Chest
    • Groin region
    • Hands
    • Feet / Paws
  • Body types
    • Smaller
    • Larger
    • Taller
  • Expressions and Anthro head shapes / structures.
    • Try to discover ways to easily replicate structure, and adjust when needed.

It might not sound like much, but keep in mind that there are a lot of different animal species, and that I need to learn how they look in varying points of view. It’ll seem like I’m drawing a lot of the same thing over and over, but hey, that’s how it goes sometimes.