This month hasn’t actually been great in terms of artwork. I kept taking “days off” from it. I know there are a lot of people say that it’s perfectly fine to take breaks from projects now and then, but for me, the problem is that if I don’t do the artwork, I’m not getting the practice and the skills learned then. I still feel like I’m “behind” or something, and need to catch up with… whatever. I do feel like I’m catching up though, so there’s that.

I didn’t get to do Inktober this year. I committed myself to too many other drawing projects already. Oh, I know! I’ll just do them in November instead! I’ve actually completed a major project that had been ongoing for a while now, and now I have a break. What better way to give myself a break from projects than to start another project? (That’s how it works, right?) Here’s some project ideas I have in mind at the moment.

  • Inktober(November)
  • Daily Sketch
  • Request List, “Season 3” – One of the following
    • Sketch + Full Shading, 1 or 2 Characters, Basic Background
    • Sketch + Flat Color + Flat Shading, 1 or 2 Characters, Basic Background
    • Inked +  Full Shading, 1 or 2 Characters, Basic Background
    • Very quick messy sketch, Flat Coloring, Basic Background
    • ?? Color Sketch, Basic / Full Shading ??, 1 Character, Basic Background
  • Bootcamp – Draw any and everything.
  • And Seekrit thing.

I might put the request list on a poll actually, should I get around to that.

I find myself saying the same thing every monthly post, but it always seems to be true. As I always say, sketching is pretty great, coloring nonexistent.

I’m looking forward to the Procreate 4.2 update. (Cropping! Tapering? Selection tools!)