May has taught me a lot of new things, and has also given me a lot more to learn. I don’t actually have a grand story to tell about this month, so the information I’ll share here will be a bit jumbled.

I wouldn’t say it was a very eventful month, even though a lot has happened. On Wednesday the 2nd, I attempted to do a sort of “daily drawing” of anthro girls, as a sort of thinly veiled “daily character drawing” that I’ve tried to do in the past. I had also attempted to do a “nightly sketched scenario” as well, to try and hammer out ideas and to get used to slapping on the page the images in my head. Unfortunately I pretty much had to stop doing both about half-way through the month because I accepted too many request drawings! Oops.

The rest of the month will just be posted as a sort of bullet-point list because I really have no idea how to word it all together.

  • I’ve discovered the magic of the “Multiply” tool. I can actually shade and hi-light my drawings now!
  • Went to Furlandia 2018. It was actually kind of boring, with a really disappointing dealer’s room. Went to 1 panel about “furry comics” and while the panel itself was fairly good, most of the information I already knew before hand. Getting that unbiased information from someone else without being asked directly by me is really nice though.
  • The last 3 major pieces I’ve worked on, Eile, Teth’ra, and SONIA(AKA: Kitten), are the best art pieces I’ve probably ever done. The reason for that is because I understood the whole process, I knew what the “next steps” were, and I know what parts can be improved, while still looking fairly decent. (If you’re curious about Teth’ra and SONIA(AKA: Kitten), they are in the NSFW page.) Each of those pieces I’ve experimented with using the built-in lame shoddy filters of Procreate, specifically the “Noise” and “Gaussian Blur” effects. The Noise filter gives the whole piece a nice differentiating texture, and with the Gaussian Blur effect, I actually copy the whole piece into 1 layer, and change the opacity of it a little, to give the whole piece overall a nice sort of bloom effect.
  • Things to work on in art (mostly anthro related):
    • Upper Torso region.
    • Feet, Hands, Paws.
    • Stiff characters (This is something that will get better over time, I cannot “fix this”.)
    • Different facial expressions.
  • Projects for the future
    • Getting back to daily character drawings.
    • NSFW Comic shorts.
    • Original Characters (I have 1 in a rough sketch that I’d like to finalize at some point.)
    • Continue taking Commissions / Requests when possible.
    • Old as Ice comic script outline. (Still haven’t worked on this much. Have a great start, but have yet to continue it.)
    • Gathered ideas for possible merch.
  • I’ve updated my Commissions Prices.

That’s about it! Looking forward to what June has to offer.

I’ve also started playing Okami on the PC for the first time. Very pretty game.

And finally, as always, there is a feedback button in the sidebar for any piece of information or criticism  you’d like to toss my way regarding literally anything. Names / emails not required.