Not a lot of big changes this month; just the same sort of “work on [thing], get better at [thing]” type of… thing.

Most of the art that I’ve been doing is Furry art, and I don’t actually see myself ‘stopping’ at any point in the near future. I bring this up, because I know that Furry art in general isn’t actually all that well known, or people would rather not see it. I’ve been trying to “hide” most of it on the website. The reason why I think I’ll be doing Furry art for a while is because there is an active audience for it. To me, I actually like it quite a bit when people say “I REALLY want to see a drawing of this.” as opposed to “It would be neat if you drew this.” It’s especially a big difference when drawing a character you own, versus whatever the ‘flavor of the month’ is. I’ve never actually cared that much about drawing characters from well known movies, stories or video games on my own. To me, drawing person’s character from Dungeons and Dragons, or characters the Furry fandom to be much more rewarding and fullfuling. I hope this doesn’t become as issue for myself when I finally decide to try writing stuff.

As far as “work on [thing]” goes, I’ve been doing a lot of sketching type work. I might have said this before, but whatever. For a while, I wasn’t actually that comfortable with how my sketches would look. It was ok to use as a sort of ‘framework’ for a more finished piece, but at no point would I be able to if someone say “Hey, sketch a thing for me.” So I worked on it. I really love sketching now. It’s also been an episode of defeating bad habits I’ve had for a while. My biggest bad habit is “TRYING TO CARVE IN THE PICTURE – IT MUST LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THIS, GRRRRRR.” I’m still learning my way around it, but at least I can now remind myself to go slower, and softer. Streaming has been a great tool for defeating bad habits too. It helps me focus quite a lot and not look at random websites, or look to see what’s being said in some chat group or something. Even if no one watches the stream, it’s still pretty great. (I won’t be linking the stream link, as it’s NSFW.)

I still have quite a few difficulties in art however. Shading and lighting! Wow, who would have thought? The reason why this is till a huge issue for me is that it actually takes quite a long time to even get to the stage where I’m shading a piece. First there’s the rough placement sketch, then a more refined sketch (I mentioned this part above), throwing in the flat colors, then finally deciding where and what color the light sources are. As I said before, since I had been working on mostly sketching lately, I’ve effectivly done zero work on shading and lighting. I just don’t have time for it. This all applies to writing too, heh.

So in a nutshell, been doing a lot of Furry art, sketching, and had no time to really work on shading. Maybe I can work on that next, huh?